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IPv6 Certification Badge for dancicioiu

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CCIE hall of fame

I knew a site that had all the CCIE # listed ( cciehof.weebly.com ) maintained by Marc La Porte. currently there is no access to this site.
It seams that Marc bought a new domain name and moved all the content to the new domain. You can find the CCIE Hall of Fame on :


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Lab preparation

After a long period without having the CCIE exam as a target, I had passed the written in August 2011. I started to study even though I had some travel breaks. I finished the INE Vol1 using Dynamips without Section 1, in about 1 and a half months.

After my friend borrowed me his real lab for one week – during this time I have continuously practiced Vol2, despite Christmas and New Year’s Eve – in the first week of 2012, I build up a practice lab using full borrowed equipment, serial cables and even hosting. Many thanks to my friends.

The installation of the equipments together with the cabling took me around 12 hours in 3 days – 80 percent of the time spend in the first day of the installation.

Until now I finished INE Vol4 Troubleshooting ( 5 days ) , Vol2 Configuration Labs : 11-12 and Troubleshooting Labs : 1-4.
Hopefully I will finish this week Vol2 Troubleshooting Labs , and the next one Vol2 Configuration Labs. I plan to redo Vol4 and Vol2, together with some reading.

AMR : 40 days.

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Currently I am studying for the Cisco CCIE routing & switching exam, considered to be the most difficult professional IT certification exam.


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